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Holiday Shopping Tips

Save Money with THESE Holiday Shopping Tips


Everyone loves the holidays. The hustle and bustle, the crisp cold air, and maybe most of all the holiday shopping. What people typically don’t love is the expense of all that shopping. The good news is you can save money and get all the gifts you want to give with these holiday shopping tips.

After you have made your list, but before you start shopping, take a look at these holiday shopping tips to ensure you get the best bang for your buck.

1.) Shop on Tuesday – Many retailers give the best prices of the week on Tuesday. This goes for shops in the mall as well as grocery stores, so whether you are buying gifts or stocking the pantry for your holiday feast, be sure to check out the prices on Tuesday.

2.) Don’t be in a hurry – There is a myth that Black Friday and Cyber Monday have all the deals, but that’s not completely true, especially for electronics. Many of the best deals come between December 14 and the 24th. Retailers start to become concerned that they have too much stock left on hand and they will begin to slash prices.

3.) Wait until after the holidays – If you want to give clothing as gifts, the best time to shop is in January. Much of the clothing in retail stores will go on clearance at that time, so consider giving a gift card and plan on shopping with your loved on in January. They can have the fun of shopping with you, and that gift card will go a lot further.

4.) Make a list and check it twice – Be sure to make a list of all the gifts you plan to buy before you head out to the mall. Without a list, too often, the decisions become overwhelming and you end up spending more and buying more than you planned. If you have a list beforehand, it is easier to make your decisions and stick to your budget.

5.) Check prices before you buy – Between store fliers in the Sunday newspaper to websites online, there are many places to check prices of the items you want to buy before you leave home. The last thing you want to do is pay full price when you don’t have to.

6.) Make it a thrifty holiday – Thrift stores can be a wondrous place. If you haven’t been to one lately, you should stop in. Sure, they have lots of used clothes and plastic florist vases, but they also have plenty of new merchandise with the tags still on it. You can find all sorts of treasures there, including new clothing and household items. It takes a little digging, but you will be paying pennies on the dollar.

There are many ways to save money on your holiday gifts including making some of them yourself, but these holiday shopping tips will get you started. You will find you can cross off many of the items on your list while keeping your budget under control.

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